Update at Maximus Coffee Group

Update at Maximus Coffee Group


Houston, Texas, November 11, 2013;


Maximus Coffee Group confirms that the United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 455 has ended its strike at our Houston, Texas facility.  Operations have returned to normal schedules.


The Company will not be making further comments at this time.


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Did You Know?

Some Benefits of Drinking Coffee

For those who drink coffee to stay alert, new research suggests that you'll stay more alert, particularly if you are fighting sleep deprivation, if you spread your coffee consumption over the course of the day. For instance, if you usually drink 16 ounces in the morning, try consuming a 2-3 ounce serving every hour or so. Moderation is the key.

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In 1928, Carlos de Aldecoa Fernandez started a coffee roasting company in Madrid, Spain. With the coming of the Spanish Civil War, he moved his family – and the business – to Córdoba, Mexico, and began a coffee packaging operation, producing fractional packs for the hospitality industry and other roasters.

His son, Carlos de Aldecoa, joined the family business in 1962, expanding the roasting business to include coffee companies in the United States. In the early 1980’s, he built a decaffeination plant in Mexico, processing coffee for several Mexican and American companies.

In 1985, Mr. de Aldecoa expanded to Houston, Texas, adding a coffee trading service for his roasting customers. In December of 2006, Maximus Coffee Group acquired Houston’s Kraft-Maxwell House facility. In addition to offering natural decaffeination, the plant is the most integrated coffee facility in the world.

Today, Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno, the grandson of the founder is the President of Maximus Coffee Group. The family stands ready to exceed the expectations of their customers with not only their world-class facilities but with their tremendous knowledge and expertise cultivated over three generations of commitment to the coffee industry.